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LegalSafe feels right at home rapidly becoming a world leader in the preservation and storage of legal evidence.

LegalSafe provides integrity of evidence that is critical to all legal cases.

Many of the world’s leading law institutions confidently rely on our decades of combined sample management experience.  LegalSafe provides integrity of evidence that is critical to all legal cases.

LegalSafe offers the most robust systems for chain of custody, sample integrity and temperature control. LegalSafe’s processes adhere to stringent Standard Operating Procedures that control every aspect of our operations. All evidence is continually monitored while in storage every 3 minutes.

LegalSafe offers optimal storage solutions across 3 state-of-the-art facilities. The facilities are highly regulated to provide extremely accurate and secure storage conditions while continually adhering to full legal storage compliance. LegalSafe personnel are on call 24/7/365 to address any temperature excursions. A robust contingency plan ensures legal samples will always be maintained at the appropriate temperature condition.


LegalSafe has been able to leverage its extensive knowledge and regulatory compliance in the area of life sciences and apply this to the area of legal storage. The benefits of this can been seen in many areas:

  • Controlled temperature transit and storage of client materials
  • Full audit trail at every stage of the process from sample pickup to case resolution.
  • Sample Identification
  • Sample Security
  • Monitored Customized Temperature Storage
  • Industry leading experience in the application of court ordered preservation protocols

LegalSafe works with hundreds of the world’s leading law firms for varying legal cases including recalled medical devices and workplace injuries.

LegalSafe personnel fully understand the vital requirements of securing evidence, be it biological, pharmaceutical, or chemical.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities feature a complete range of controlled temperatures, humidity levels and specialized storage solutions.


LegalSafe provides safe and secure shipment of evidence to our storage facilities thanks to completely customized packing kits. The packing kits contain everything needed to facilitate the proper collection of evidence. Our logistical services, approved partners and specialized vehicles are able to retrieve and ship to any location globally. Every stage of evidence transit is tracked, logged and accessible to the client in near-real time through our convenient web portal. Cold chain management and logistics services allow for full chain of custody and control of evidence at all times. Learn more →

World-Class Customer Support

Our market leading customer support team, with extensive experience on collection and preservation of samples, will assist in determining the exact requirements for acquisition and storage of evidence. LegalSafe’s extremely responsive and knowledgeable team of professionals will consult with clients to customize individual specifications and assure strict procedures.

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