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LegalSafe – About Dedicated Legal Evidence Storage & Complete Chain of Custody Services

Your case depends on the integrity of your evidence. When you have sensitive legal evidence that needs to be stored safely and securely, let LegalSafe’s experienced and dedicated team of storage experts take care of it. We offer the highest level of storage available. Our facility is stringently regulated to provide extremely accurate storage conditions and full legal compliance.

Our Legal Evidence Storage and complete Chain of Custody Services merge technical expertise with legal knowledge. Our extensive experience with over 140 law firms ensures compliance to all court-ordered protocols and strict client/patient confidentiality.

With over 60 years combined experience specifically in life sciences, LegalSafe personnel fully understand the vital requirements of securing your evidence, be it biological, pharmaceutical, or chemical. Our state-of-the-art storage facility features controlled temperature and humidity levels, and is FDA regulated and fully cGMP compliant. We follow strict adherence to over 78 Standard Operating Procedures.

We provide complete and customized packing kits for easy and secure shipment of your samples to our storage facilities. We also have a dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks that can transport your evidence from anywhere in the contiguous United States. Every stage of your evidence’s journey is tracked and logged, and accessible to you in near-real time through our convenient web portal. Our cold chain management and logistics services allow you full chain of custody and control of your evidence at all times.

Not sure how to store your evidence? With extensive experience on collection and preservation of legal samples, LegalSafe personnel are able to consult with you to help determine the exact requirements for collection and storage of your evidence. Our extremely responsive and knowledgeable team gives market leading customer support.