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LegalSafe and their team are becoming the global leaders in specialized storage.

Garrie Richardson

MBA, BSc. Business Administration

With over 10 years specialized storage experience, Garrie is founder of the business which now functions across three facilities and 60,000 sq. ft. of space with hundreds of storage chambers. Garrie has intimate hands on experience of all aspects of sample/evidence management from contingency planning to regulatory compliance. Garrie leads the strategic direction of the business focusing on constant enhancement of the company’s services to their clients with the clear goal of LegalSafe becoming the global leader in specialized storage.

John Coolidge

Biorepository Manager
B.S. Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
DOT & IATA Certified

John Coolidge is the Biorepository Manager for the Boston location of SciSafe. He has been responsible for the design, planning and construction of two commercial biorepositories in the northeast over the last 7 years. He has overseen the implementation, validation and testing of multiple facility monitoring systems, contingency plans, sample management software solutions and quality systems for controlled temperature storage and logistics.

John has written an entire set of SOP’s covering every facet of Biorepository operations and has taken that experience and used it to further improve SOP’s in his current position. He has assisted numerous customers, both small and large, in writing their own SOP’s centering around similar activities. He has written many customer specific project plans and protocols to fulfill unique requirements for customer storage and logistic needs.

Having participated in hundreds of customer audits during his time as a Biorepository Manager John is well versed in interpreting FDA regulations and providing high quality solutions for controlled temperature storage and transport in a regulatory compliant setting. He has managed specific projects that have a direct impact on FDA filings for new drugs.

John has extensive experience with the shipment of hazardous materials in compliance with both DOT and IATA regulations. He has setup DEA compliant storage and written protocols for ICH stability studies. He is familiar with federal, state and local environmental regulations for all of the New England states and has worked with customers to provide appropriate destruction of unwanted samples.

He specializes in contingency planning and disaster recovery for controlled temperature storage facilities using his work experience in the nuclear and environmental industries. He has spoken on this topic at a number of industry conferences and has helped other facilities improve their contingency plans for controlled temperature storage.

John graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering.

Paola Pelaez & Teresa Liguori

Senior Legal Evidence Storage Coordinators

With extensive experience in the coordination and preservation of evidence, both Paola and Teresa have become proficient with all court ordered requirements across a multitude of cases, which require the most stringent standards of evidence management.
Both are HIPPA, and GMP trained; which allows them to reinforce privacy policies and shipping/handling processes. They have also been heavily involved in implementing the company’s 64 Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the highest standards of evidence management.

They have direct hands on experience in all the areas listed below:

  • Establishing direct relationships with all facilities involved with retrieval of evidence
  • Building relationships with clients in order to reduce their workload in the area of sample management and allowing them to focus on their core competency – the case!
  • Executing chain of custody documents
  • Maintaining client/patients privacy following HIIPPA protocol
  • Document Management
  • Ensuring accuracy and integrity of all stored evidence
  • Maintaining accurate shipping information throughout the whole retrieval process