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Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation- LegalSafe is able to control the whole process of sample retrieval through the entire project life cycle.


Specimen storage is essential to any case, but how evidence is controlled during transit is of equal importance.Value added services include contacting the evidence location, preparing the retrieval kits and generating all chain of custody documents for a full audit trail.

LegalSafe has IATA, DOT and dangerous goods trained staff that are able to consult directly with the client regarding the project and recommend the best process for retrieval of evidence.

LegalSafe has its own vehicles for collection of samples where necessary as well as partnerships with the world’s leading logistics companies. LegalSafe is able to pick up and deliver samples to any location globally at any desired or requested temperature.

Project Coordination

Prior to movement of the client materials, LegalSafe contacts the current location where the evidence is being stored and works with that group to make the retrieval process as simple as possible. LegalSafe works with the current location and client to send the correct retrieval kit for the type of evidence to be stored. Once this is determined, a retrieval kit is built and sent to the location. Prior to transit, the client samples are designated a unique ID number and file number where all pertinent information is stored.

At Pickup & Transit

The retrieval kit is sent to the location with all relevant documentation including kit instructions, court ordered preservation protocols (where necessary), chain of custody documentation and return shipper.

At LegalSafe Site

Once the package is delivered to the LegalSafe facility, the samples are received and logged in to the system, placed in their applicable storage chambers and all logged temperature journey data is entered into the system and fully downloadable for the client.

LegalSafe is building a new Class 100 clean room, where clients will be able to send relevant experts on site to LegalSafe for inspection or analysis purposes.

LegalSafe’s ability to manage any client specific requirement guarantees complete security and ensures confidentiality.