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LegalSafe Offers Dedicated Legal Evidence Storage & Complete Chain of Custody Services

As a global leader in specialized storage, LegalSafe understands the required critical process of controlling and securing samples. Law firms and their clients rely on LegalSafe from sample receipt until full resolution of their respective case/s.

LegalSafe has three state-of-the-art storage facilities that can store evidence at any temperature from -196C to 90C. Our dedicated chambers control temperature and humidity levels to client requirements and our facility is FDA registered and audited to fully meet cGMP compliance. All functions within LegalSafe adhere to our over 64 Standard Operating Procedures.

LegalSafe has over 100 different chambers for client storage and the most common conditions for legal storage are listed below:

  • Controlled Room Temperature (20°C to 25°C/68°F to 77°F)
  • Refrigerated Storage (5°C/41°F)
  • Freezer Storage (-20°C/-4°F)
  • Ultra-Low Freezer Storage (-80°C/-112°F)
  • Cryogenic Storage (-196°C/320 °F)
  • Custom Stress Testing temperatures